The record is coming along. TMills had some unexpected personal stuff happen, so we had to transfer it all over to Ezzy (who did the entirety of Heroic) and he has been plugging away. It’s taken longer than I wanted to get here, but the band and I have stayed busy playing shows (pics from those on this page) so it’s not all lost time.

Today Mark Neuenschwander (of Mark N Photography) and I shot the album cover. I’m so stoked with how it all came together and it’s exactly what my vision has been for a little over a year. Here’s a couple behind the scenes pics. Can’t wait to release the cover and then the record. Stay tuned

.behind the scenes of the album cover shootbehind the scenes of the album cover shoot



This morning the team and I had the opportunity of appearing on 105.3. We talked about the Sept 11 show coming up [tickets here] and I briefly explained the concept behind VS, as well as performed the intro live! If you weren’t able to listen, the full interview is on my SoundCloud, just click that picture underneath and it’ll take you there.

Just to update you: Howard is an insanely talented drummer and we’ve already played a show together. The one coming up will be our 2nd show and it’s gonna be insane.

Nate is a dope guitar and keys player. He’ll be making his J-Thrill Music Team debut at the show coming up. He adds a completely new element to the shows. It’s gonna be insane.

radio squad



Today was vocal day… all day. T-Mills came back over after church this morning and we worked till about 8. I’m happy to say the record is done and recorded. Now it’s on to mixing and mastering (but that’s why I pay T-Mills the big buck$).

This record has been the most challenging project I’ve worked on in my life. Some of it was so hard to write, some of it was easy to write. Some if it was really fun to write, some of it was really not fun to write. Recording so many different sounds and emotions was a whole new ball-game, but I’m really excited to show you guys when it’s ready.

More pics on the snapshots page.

Thanks for following the journey and thanks for caring.

T-Mills polaroid



This weekend we’re recording VS. T-Mills and I have been sending stuff back and forth for about 10 months now, demo’ing everything and getting it pretty close to done. T-Mills lives a few states away now, but he’s back for this weekend, so we are knocking out the record.

The morning started off with getting all the equipment set up, and shortly thereafter Luke Sheafer (great buddy and lead vocalist for Me Like Bees) showed up and we started knocking out the song he’s doing the hook for. IT SOUNDS INSANE.

Howard showed up to chill and get his drums set up shortly after Luke showed up. Right when Luke was recording his last few parts, Nate Hackey (long-time rockstar) showed up to lay down the hooks for a few songs as well. THEY SOUND INSANE.

After that we broke for lunch, ate some pizza, and hit it hard recording drums… basically the rest of the day/night. Howard, TMills, and I finished writing some of my favorite parts on the record that I’m super stoked about. Howard did such a dope job, and I can’t wait till our chemistry has a chance to show itself at our live show.

That’s basically all that happened today. Tomorrow I’ll record vocals for all the songs, I’m stoked and nervous. Make sure you’re keeping up on my snapchat (jakebennett13). More recording pictures are available to look at on the Snapshots page.

Also, don’t forget you can hear some of these VS tracks early if you come to the Sept 11 show (tix here), and of course VS merch is available here.

Recording Team



Candy Cigarette. Produced by Ezra Jernigan.

It represents where my head and heart are right now as I approach the last of writing my new album, VS. The record is almost completely written and I’m hoping to get into the studio soon.

It’s produced from the ground up by yours truly, and my great friend Taylor Miller. I’m really excited to show you everything I’ve been planning and working on.

Order a very limited VS hat here: navy collage

VS – Fall 2016